Postcard from Poprad, last four bits

January 2008

Sorry boys and girls I've been busy - so here goes.
We've updated the RTI web site
Watch this space for a new service on
The boss now has a couple of new service on line, one being his:
Company News
JT, Jan Telensky, also has his own channel on YouTube
And don't miss out on that which kept in or out of trouble in January 2008 - RTI NEW STUDIOS

Some may be keen to know that the New AudioVisual Directive is out and it says, amongst other things, " Member States shall ensure freedom of reception and shall not restrict retransmissions on their territory of audiovisual media services from other Member States for reasons which fall within the fields coordinated by this Directive.’

AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally

I think pictures say more than words in this case. So enjoy the videos from the AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally 2007

But which ones did I have fun filming