Postcard from Poprad, last four bits

April Update

GOSH what a month - the THIRD BIRTHDAY of RTI!!!!!!!!! Pictures on

On Facebook you can now see more bits and bobs in the Celebrity section about RTI, which is kind of nice. Equally a very old broadcaster, claims to be 19 which he isn't, called Christopher England has also gained a celeb page on FaceBook - please go join his fan base, you know it is always nice to make an old man happy.

On a more serious note - I'm really pleased to be working with Mick Pilath!! What a great guy.

Real shame to read/hear about the sad loss of Humph - again check out the memories page on FaceBook.

GO LEWIS, come on Lewis don't let them get to you - you can do it and you have the talent to be an F1 World Champ.

Oh gawd, ManU and Chelsea in the football thing in Moscow. I bet the satellite uplink companies in Russia are already thinking about where they will spend the extra windfall cash they're gonna get - I mean just suppose it was ( enter your own countries here), how much money would that generate? ManU v Chelsea, I'll bet the broadcast facilties companies can't beleive there luck.

AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally

I think pictures say more than words in this case. So enjoy the videos from the AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally 2007

But which ones did I have fun filming