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Eric Off the Radio AGAIN, but Slovak companies may help get him back to even more people

Many have asked, so this is what happened. The option we had was to either dub or translate all non-musical content into Slovak or face HUGE sanctions, the legal people told me we could lose the Slovak license.
So let's think about this, there are LIVE shows and they want full translation - not a chance, sorry not going to work. Well not in the real world.
As it goes it will give me a bit of a break as I've been very busy recently and I am the only real casualty. All the English DJs can still be heard and the funny thing is the Net figures have gone up like crazy, me thinks those that can afford alternative ways of listening are voting via the PC.
The people I am most worried about, obviously some are not, are those that can least afford English language courses. Learning via listening is known to be one of the most beneficial ways to learn a language. And being able to learn via a low-cost FM radio was so logical. If any of those learning via FM manage to get to an Internet Cafe and read this - I am truly sorry you cannot listen and learn now and if we could bring back the English shows tomorrow I work ALL NIGHT to get them to you. However, I fear few on lower incomes will get to this page, as some cannot even afford the cost of an Internet Cafe.
What I have to remind people now is that getting a better job depends on people speaking both Slovak and English. The politicians have said that Slovakia won't suffer the same as other countries during the credit-crunch. Tell that to people when car sales REALLY slow and the need for steel declines, both things will have an impact on jobs.
I could give hundreds of examples of how RTI would help those that need the help most if people in certain places were interested, but I fear it may well fall on deaf ears. However, need the view of a listener - read the letters on .
NOW DON'T LAUGH, the letter I would like you read is the one that says he couldn't understand me. After a while he could. He also states the English he was taught was nothing like spoken English - he also adds other comments which you should read for yourself.

RTI was started as a service connecting Slovakia and Great Britain. It still does that as Slovak listeners in the UK have not suffered and they shouldn’t. Why should those lose out because of a ruling in Slovakia.

In Slovakia RTI is still connecting the two countries via satellite and the Internet, we’ll aim to let more and more people know of that.

I would like to leave this topic with a reminder. Very soon the analogue broadcasting of FM will stop. Then digital will be the way forward.

Soon cars will be made with Internet radios built in. That means a person with an Internet car will be able to tune into RTI when driving in Bratislava or London.

The funny thing is SO MANY CARS are made in Slovakia. In advance of the new Internet radios being fitted, may I thank the Slovak car manufacturing companies who will make RTI available not only country wide in Slovakia, but also country wide in the UK. Very kind of you and once that happens RTI will have the opportunity to further increase it’s audience with those tuning in having both Slovak and English shows.

Be nice to each other


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