Postcard from Poprad, last four bits


Congrats to Lewis Hamilton, so they docked him points – hit him verbally and unacceptably – but he showed the grit a lad from the UK (Stevenage, Hertfordshire) has.

There is an old saying, you can push, push and push a Brit again – push him/her one inch further and they’ll push back harder than you would ever believe.

Lewis proved that and all I can say is WELL DONE LEWIS!

Whilst my racing driving was miniature in comparison, Lewis showed the composure needed to be a champion. He balanced that with his skill to make gaps where there are none, to those not having the skill he has.

And as to being mature, in Brazil he showed the maturity needed to be a world champion. My personal plea to Lewis is could you at least make your move a few yards sooner if it comes down to the wire again – I don’t think my nerves can take another race like Brazil 2008.

AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally

I think pictures say more than words in this case. So enjoy the videos from the AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally 2007

But which ones did I have fun filming