Postcard from Poprad, last four bits

What is all the hype about with the iPhone 3.0 OS?

I tried singing the Apple song but it didn’t work, nor did it inspire me.
So we’re talking about what? A telephone, mini handheld device or something else?
Now I do use an iPhone and it does some really good stuff. Mostly I use it as a business tool. And that’s because I can’t use it for everything I should be able to use it for.
I got marginally excited when the word Bluetooth was mentioned, did I miss something? The big news was I can use a mobile headset, was that it? So I still can’t Bluetooth other phones or my PC? Are we supposed to be grateful that a mobile phone can now be used with a standard hands free Bluetooth headset - no WAIT, did they say stereo headphones or hands free? Guess we’ll have to wait.
So my really cool PC still can’t talk to the iPhone without using naughty software, which has to be a joke really. Having to load iTunes, which is totally confused as my phone is from one country and iTunes registered in another, as it won’t accept the country I set up the itunes account in, following this? Jeez this is Europe not the USA. AND WHO CARES ABOUT AN APPLE SPAT with AT&T, I couldn’t give a monkeys’ uncle about that. I’m in Europe and what’s more the easy way would be to have hardware not geo-locked at birth. Sure if the people making the apps available want to be miserable and lock them, then so be it. But the device should not be geo-locked. Hmmm raises eye-brows as he knows the reason why, it has damn all to do with some things but a lot more to do with other forms of controls.
NOW BE FAIR ERIC, there were other new things, oh yeah cut, copy and paste – well that’s novel in a mobile phone. There’s an audio sound recorder, with an anorak level meter, so I can record things – another novel addition.
Video, don’t start me. WOW HEAVENS it’s got………………not much really. My two-year-old Sony can boast a higher mega Pixel rating.
It’s got accelerators, and?
OK I’ll keep using the iPhone for the business monitor I use it for and Safari to make sure that those that go down an Apple route can still get to the content we make – well most of it as there are still some bits I haven’t seen being made available to iPhone owners. CAN YOU BELIEVE THE PRICES OF THOSE NEW NOTEBOOKs, I nearly fell over laughing.
Anyway, one nice app for the iPhone is AudioBoo and now I’ve MADE A CABLE, that cost less than a cup of coffee (unlike the iPhone version I’m sure, if there is one), we can take stuff from the studio and upload it. THANKS AUDIOBOO PEOPLE!
Honestly, I’m sure Apple fans are nice people, ALL OF THEM, but please share why they have this implanted need to bum-up Apple.
I’m a PC, I’m a PC, I’m a PC – not I’m NOT! I’m a guy that drives people nuts looking at tech developments, mainly (he says trying to justify things) as I advise on what’s new and more importantly what’s going to make a difference. And what’s more I enjoy that aspect of creativity.
So my message is this – expecting people to pay out more and more for geo-locked hardware will one day come back and bite people who pushed it. Expecting people to pay out more and more for subscriptions to watch TV on an iPhone will drive most to DVD, the PC or considerably worse.I recall an iPod owner saying to me once it was a shame that all the downloaded music could not be used or copied to CD, well I laughed. Nuff said?

AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally

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