Postcard from Poprad, last four bits

July 2009 Update

Hello Boys and Girls,
Am I getting old or is hidden culture coming out :-) I'm looking for to two church pipe organs being played near me and I get to go listen - how cool is that?
Must say TAR to Paul at for asking me to do new music shows for him, been a while since I've done those but hey share what you think. Paul also relays PostCard from Poprad as well :-)
If you have a look to the right I do try to do updates via Twitter as that's so easy and stops me going on for hours, so have a look over there for more updates. And if you have Twitter we could follow each other.
AND I leave you with a health warning :-) I don't know if you have come across all these so called personal development sites using Christian names, well a report has come out claiming they can damage you. Yes the report says they might not be JA JA JA, more like blah, blah, blah, blah. And I'll my bit, when you offer advice via those sites - who gets the money?
Have fun oh and yes - Hello Dano and Kamil


AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally

I think pictures say more than words in this case. So enjoy the videos from the AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally 2007

But which ones did I have fun filming