Postcard from Poprad, last four bits

Revamped Blog

Dear All

At last I've got around to sorting this blog. So we have put the continuing RTI on the TOP RIGHT. Those MURDERERS that failed dismally on the left and Wiltsher's World in the middle. If you scroll down a bit there are a few NEW thank yous to the good guys.
I've also added an AudioBoo player so just like the BBC you get audio on demand :-)
Check out the links to High Tatras TV and don't laugh at some of the archive pictures, damn I know you will.
There's also a link to a radioships page and I'll do my best not to leave updates for so long.
Have a nice summer

AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally

I think pictures say more than words in this case. So enjoy the videos from the AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally 2007