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Antidrugs Video THE DRIVE filmed in AquaCity Poprad

Shot on location in AquaCity, Poprad, Slovakia and surrounding areas. Eric Wiltsher, Harry Cole, Grace Elizabeth Leslie-Rowe and Craig Bramall lead the action. Sponsored by the Bijou Club and filmed by James Courtenay.

Poor PR outreach is damaging blogger relations

DO NOT BE TEMPTED, do NOT get in trouble!!!!!!!!

Despite ASA guidance that paid-for blog posts have to be disclosed, 47% of blogs received unethical requests from a brand in the last year.
The only way is ethics, say UK parent bloggers

26 November 2013: The overwhelming majority of UK parent bloggers want to work with brands, but poor communications – including unethical requests – is an ongoing problem, according to the annual Tots100 Parent Blogger Benchmark Survey.

There is significant potential for PRs and brands among the UK parent blogger community, the survey of more than 1,500 bloggers found:

• 90% of UK parent bloggers want to work with brands
• 70% of bloggers are making money from their blog
• 38% publish 'sponsored' content on their sites
• 25% host advertising on their blogs

Despite clear guidance from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that paid-for blog posts have to be disclosed as such, 47% of UK parent bloggers said they had received unethical requests from a brand, SEO or PR agency in the last year.

Despite ASA guidance that paid-for blog posts have to be disclosed, 47% of blogs received unethical requests from a brand in the last year.

One blogger, Angie Booth, told Tots100: "I was asked recently to remove a disclosure statement from a blog post. When I said it had to be there and sent a link explaining why, I was offered more money to remove it for a month. I refused, and never heard from the agency again."

Another, Rachel Healy, said: "I've often been offered double my usual rate on condition that I don't disclose that I've been paid to publish the post."

Sally Whittle, founder of Tots100, said: “Asking people to do something unethical is clearly unprofessional. Working in partnership with blogs to create ethical, authentic content will ultimately build stronger, more sustainable relationships. The UK parent blogger community is a thriving and vibrant place, made up of committed writers and avid readers. Not only do they represent a great body of people for brands to connect with, they are eager to do so.”

Use of social media is high among UK parent bloggers, too.

• 87% use Twitter
• 83% use Facebook
• 57% use Pinterest

Twitter is the most widely used social network by bloggers, with 20% of bloggers having more than 3,000 followers. The new Google+ network gets mixed feedback from UK parent bloggers. Although 59% have an account, 36% of these users have no followers there.

The majority (92%) of parent bloggers are female and although that’s the label preferred by 34% of them, 29% are happy enough being called a ‘mummy blogger.’

For brands and their agencies to get the best out of working with bloggers, they need to improve the way they communicate, Sally Whittle explained. “43% of the people we spoke to get sent information that simply isn’t relevant to them, and 27% say they often feel they get stalked by PR agencies asking when they can expect to see coverage. It's time for brands to get smarter, and more targeted when they approach parent blogs.”

The Tots100 survey canvassed the opinions of more than 1,500 UK parent bloggers, asking them about working with brands, their use of social media and their experiences of PR-led blogger outreach programmes.

About Tots100

Tots100 is the UK’s largest network of UK parent bloggers, with more than 7,000 members reaching 10m readers each year. The Tots100 works with brands to devise and implement creative, engaging blog outreach campaigns.

Tots100 was created in March 2009 by former journalist Sally Whittle, who is also author of the top-rated parent blog Who's the Mummy. Sally’s blog has been named the UK’s number 1 Mummy blog for three of the past four years by Cision, and Sally was short-listed in Red Magazine’s Red Hot Women Awards in 2012. Tots100 is published by Flea Enterprises Ltd, which also publishes the Foodies100 and HIBS100 websites, and organises the MAD Blog Awards for British parent bloggers.

For Further Information:

See the Tots100 website for highlights of the 2013 Parent Blogger Benchmark Survey and connect with Tots100 on Twitter.

AM Radio on the way out in the UK?

A UK Government report indicate an intention to abandon AM broadcast radio for emergency communications and to phase-out AM broadcasting from 2016.
While a radio switchover will result in the closure of AM services, which had historically been important to the Government’s protocols in this area, the diminishing value of this platform means it is increasingly less relevant as a universal communication platform.

Communications Plan indicates that the radio switchover will commence in 2016 here.

New Stream

Just a quick note to say we we have a new stream - right. But you need to start the stream by clicking the arrow, if you find any broken players on the web please email studio_@_ rt i_ .fm (just remove the underscore sections)
Have a good one

Digital 2012 Olympics

The BBC has delivered its most successful online event ever, attracting a record-breaking 55m global browsers to BBC Sport online (cumulative reach) throughout the course of the Games, and marking London 2012 as the first truly digital Games. This has mirrored the BBC’s record Olympic TV reach, across both linear TV channels and Red Button, with over 51.9m viewers in the UK - the largest TV audience reach for a major event for at least 10 years.
  • Record breaking browsers to BBC Sport online – with 55m (global) and 37m (UK) browsers to the BBC Sport site in total across the Games, and an average of 9.5m (global) and 7.1m (UK) browsers per day, easily breaking all previous records (previous record for a single day was 7.4m global and 5.7m UK)
  • Video drives viewing across all online platforms – with 106m requests for BBC Olympic video content across all online platforms, more than double seen for any previous events
  • First truly mobile games – with 9.2m UK mobile browsers to the BBC’s Olympics coverage, making up 34% of all daily browsers to BBC’s Olympic coverage, and 12m requests from mobiles for video throughout the Games
  • Opening up the breadth of the Games via BBC Red Button – with 23.7m viewers to the 24 SD, HD and Freeview streams throughout the Games, and every single stream seeing at least 100,000 viewers
  • Over a 24 hour period on the busiest Olympic days, total traffic to exceeded that for the entire BBC coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2010 (matches) – on the busiest day, the BBC delivered 2.8 petabytes, with the peak traffic moment occurring when Bradley Wiggins won Gold with over 700 Gb/s
BBC Sport online delivered comprehensive, quality coverage including a page for every athlete, country, sport and venue; 2,500 hours of coverage; and up to 24 HD live streams, ensuring audiences never missed a moment of the action. And, by making every sport available across PC, mobile, tablet and connected TV, viewers could keep up to date with the action, whenever and wherever they were.
Putting live and catch-up video at the heart of the BBC’s online coverage, BBC Sport launched its new live interactive video player. This enabled viewers to watch and switch between live HD video coverage, navigate to key moments within a session, and discover more with live data, statistics and information, while watching the action.
And video proved hugely popular, with 106m requests for video throughout the Games (62m for live streams, 8m for on-demand streams and 35m for clips), smashing the previous highs of 32m for the Beijing Games and 38m for the 2010 World Cup. New features such as chapter markings received an average 1.5 million clicks per day, with people using them to navigate instantly to key moments.
The top five most-requested events from Olympic live video streams on BBC Sport online included: Andy Murray and Serena Williams winning the Tennis Singles Finals, Bradley Wiggins winning the Men’s Cycling Time-Trial and Athletics Heats including Jessica Ennis in the Heptathlon. And the Opening Ceremony has continued to be one of the most popular programmes on BBC Online, with 3.9 million requests to view on either BBC iPlayer or the BBC Sport website to date.
Popular video clips included German diver, Steven Feck’s nightmare ‘zero point’ dive with over 830,000 requests, Cuban pole vaulter, Lazaro Borges’ pole snapping mid-vault with 420,000 requests, and Usain Bolt storming to victory in the 100m final with over 429,000 requests.
The London 2012 Olympics were the first truly mobile Games. Audiences accessed BBC’s content in ground-breaking numbers on mobile devices, continuing the trend to watch video on-the-go with:
  • 1.9m download of BBC’s Olympics mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones
  • 40% of browsers accessing BBC’s Olympics coverage were from a mobile at weekends (30% during the week) – averaging 34% per day
  • 9.2m UK mobile browsers throughout the Games, with 2.8m UK mobile browsers on the peak day
  • On TV, the BBC’s Red-Button service opened up the breadth of Olympic content to audiences with the simple press of a button.
  • 23.7m people viewed the 24 live SD, HD & Freeview streams throughout the Games for at least 15 minutes
  • Audiences viewed specialist sports such as Judo and Weightlifting in considerable numbers
  • Every single Red Button stream received 100,000 viewers at some point during the Games
Phil Fearnley, General Manager - News and Knowledge, BBC Future Media, said: “Our aspiration was that just as the Coronation did for TV in 1953, the Olympics would do for digital in 2012. The demand and astonishing feedback we’ve seen from audiences accessing our Olympics content online, whenever they want, on the devices they choose, has exceeded our expectations and helped fulfil this aspiration. We promised audiences would never miss a moment of the Games. We delivered on our promise and will build on this to leave a lasting digital legacy for audiences in years to come.”
Ben Gallop, Head of Interactive for BBC Sport, said: “Our home Olympics was a special time for the whole UK and it’s been really pleasing for BBC Sport to have given our audience the chance to enjoy all that amazing action. There have been some great stories of people following Team GB’s rowing success at the shopping centre or watching Usain Bolt when they’re on the beach. We like to think it was the ultimate Olympic choice: on-demand and on-the-move.”
Traffic to rocketed throughout the Games, with the BBC delivering 2.8 petabytes on the busiest day. Streaming quality was the highest the BBC has ever delivered online, averaging over 1 megabit per second. The peak traffic moment was on 1 August 2012, at over 700 gigabits per second – the day Bradley Wiggins stormed to victory.
Please note: Stats are up to and including Saturday 11 August 2012
More information on the trends for BBC’s Olympic content across all online platforms, including daily peaks in video consumption around specific events can be found here.
The top ten most-requested events from Olympic live video streams on BBC Sport online:
Live stream day requests
1. Tennis Singles Finals - Serena Williams and Andy Murray golds, Sun 05 Aug - 820,000
2. Bradley Wiggins winning gold in the Men’s Cycling Road Time-Trial, Wed 01 Aug - 729,000
3. Tennis Singles Semi-Finals - Serena Williams and Andy Murray, Fri 03 Aug - 610,000
4. Mark Cavendish competing in the Men's Cycling Road Race, Sat 28 Jul - 531,000
5. Athletics Heats including Jessica Ennis in the Heptathlon, Fri 03 Aug - 468,000
6. Rowing gold for Glover and Stanning in Women’s Quadruple Sculls, Wed 01 Aug - 411,000
7. Team GB winning gold in the Men's Team Pursuit and Victoria Pendleton winning the Women's Keirin Cycling Final, Fri 03 Aug - 407,000
8. Cycling golds for Chris Hoy (Keirin) and Laura Trott (Onmium), Tue 07 Aug - 348,000
9. Athletics Heats including Usain Bolt winning the Men's 100m Final, Sun 05 Aug - 344,000
10. The Brownlee Brothers winning gold and bronze in the Men's Triathlon, Tue 07 Aug - 336,000


BBC Local Radio will be decimated if the BBC gets away with it. For the most part BBC Locals will only be local for a few hours a day, the evenings will be a new national England program, hardly local. We know 6 Music was saved, in part, due to a Facebook page. Many also know that savings can be made without cutting local programming!!!!  HELP BBC Local stations remain local by joining
and after you have joined put the page on your time line.

Google+, NOT NOW THANKS Look at the evidence!

In the past few days I have received so many Google+ announcements from, not people or user companies, people trying to sell services to create Google+ company pages. So before you panic why would you create a company page on Google+?

The companies sending out the emails would have you believe that G+ is the place to engage or sell to consumers. I question this and I’ll share the evidence from multi million pound companies.

If you watch the TV, apart from France which is being daft as usual, you will note blue chip companies ending adverts with the use of and Twitter hash tags. These companies have massive research and PR budgets and I would venture to say they know what they are doing. The blue chips are not engaging or selling via Google+ and my view is it has yet to be proven as a consumer commercial tool. Therefore, should you be doing anything right now?

My advice is to create a company page in basic form, just to make sure others do not steal your brand name! Then post a message on that G+ page with links to FaceBook, your blog, twitter and your website. These can be just basic links. So how much will this cost?

If you have an IT person or group, they can retain a G+ page for you – to be honest a teenager could do it such is the simplicity of the exercise. DO NOT be tempted to spend even the most modest of resources, now, on creating a G+ page as the time it takes to make one is under five minutes. Are there any exceptions to this?

In certain circumstance there could be a need for a company page on G+. I am sure there a very niche groups which will migrate to G+. If your needs fall into such a category then yes you need a G+ page with all the bells and whistles possible –remember to measure the results!

I do not think G+ has a competitor online. However, if you force me I would say the closest in LinkedIn. Therefore, if you have good consumer reaction from a page on LinkedIn then maybe you may need a G+ page – if not just do brand protection.

If on the other hand you are getting good results from FaceBook then follow the big boys and use it – be sensible about this, why would people with a lot to lose by not reaching out to their customers/clients be using Facebook if G+ was a better option?

So Here are my tips
1, Register a G+ page – it only take a minute and protects your name
2. Link the G+ page back to Facebook, twitter, Blog, Website etc
3. Make sure you are using Twitter hash tags – watch the video

N.B If you are new to this the underlined areas above link to examples for you

This is the DO NOT area.

DO NOT get sucked into the hype people would have you believe G+ is

DO NOT get sucked into paying companies even modest budgets to create G+ pages

DO NOT forget those advertising on TV using FaceBook and Twitter know what they are doing!

I’ll keep an eye on G+ and if it does show real consumer merit – an article WILL appear here.

Revamped Blog

Dear All

At last I've got around to sorting this blog. So we have put the continuing RTI on the TOP RIGHT. Those MURDERERS that failed dismally on the left and Wiltsher's World in the middle. If you scroll down a bit there are a few NEW thank yous to the good guys.
I've also added an AudioBoo player so just like the BBC you get audio on demand :-)
Check out the links to High Tatras TV and don't laugh at some of the archive pictures, damn I know you will.
There's also a link to a radioships page and I'll do my best not to leave updates for so long.
Have a nice summer

Angela Levin of the Mail is the Newspaper Highlight of 2010

Newspaper Highlight of The Week

Sub heading; when writing tech articles it’s always better to get the technical experts to check your copy before publication. By the way, I’m rubbish at grammar and stuff – I’m a techy and hate journos publishing miss guided articles about tech which is why I do not write stupid luvy, dovy articles about someone plopping paint on canvass and calling it art.

Now, I wouldn’t normally bother if a newspaper gets it wrong, but sometimes it grabs me somewhere and I can’t resist. I suspect the somewhere in question this time was due to so many contacting me about the article

Angela Dear, we don’t. Many millions, ask a teenager, understand that when you go to a search engine or other free service it says in the terms and conditions we can do this, that or the other. It’s a bit like the terms and conditions of buying curling tongs, a hairdryer or the disclaimer alongside a makeup advert.

The only mystery seemed to be how, exactly, it managed to achieve revenues of more than £15 billion last year.”, asks Angela. To which I shall reply, with adverts dear, adverts.

Angela continues, “Like 190 million others, I had signed up for Google’s free service Gmail to write and receive emails.”. Angela, pet, the key thing here is FREE. Now be honest did you really read the terms and conditions? No, I guessed you didn’t

Angela explained,” This was a new development for me, replacing Microsoft Office Outlook, which was largely trouble-free but which I found cumbersome to use away from my home internet connection.” Here Angela we may have some common ground; I’m not a fan of Outlook either. However, that is due to security issues nothing to do with connection issues. WAIT A MINUTE, you are using GMAIL via a web browser and assuming everyone else is doing the same – WRONG DEAR!

People use GMAIL with non Google products such as Outlook and Thunderbird – yes unlike you they make Outlook work anywhere in the world.

Also can I suggest that if anyone is really worried about a few ads on a FREE service they should subscribe to a PAID FOR service without ads – it’s rather like the choice of watching commercial TV or the BBC. One has ads the other doesn’t.

Now to my MAJOR concern, if the readers of The Mail were to believe this totally miss-guided article they could be forgiven for thinking that Google is spying on all e-mails. Angela, don’t be silly dear. The GOOD NEWS is that whilst few will defend Google, they will come to the assistance of such companies when completely inaccurate piece are published.

Angela Dear you are so wrong on so many counts that it is slightly embarrassing even for the Mail.

Angela concludes her piece, “As for me, I am switching back to the less sophisticated Microsoft Office Outlook. I’ve come to believe that free email is worth exactly what you pay for it.

ABSOLUTELTY SIDE SPLITTING – YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS. So when you opt for the Microsoft owned hotmail account that works with Outlook that is magically something different to Gmail?

Oh Angela Dear, please ask a passing teenager to show you how simply it is to receive your gmail e-mails with an offline reader – as I said I prefer Thunderbird. There won’t be any adverts down the side of the page.

And for any Mail readers that might pass by:
1. Outlook can be used almost anywhere and is less cumbersome to use than an oven

2. Gmail can be read on Outlook, much easier than operating a washing machine

Eric Wiltsher On Air

I am often asked about how I came to be here or how did I get to be there and to be honest it’s tough to remember each step of the way. That’s further complicated due to the fact I don’t keep recordings or shows for more than a few minutes. So with thanks to many kind people who have stored shows, news or simply information about my time in broadcasting so far – THANK YOU!

To those of you who have asked, this link may help answer some of your questions.

Eric Wiltsher on TV Markiza April 2010

For non Slovak readers/viewers - TV Markiza is a national TV station in Slovakia. There is a debate going on about what to call a place in Slovakia so that the international community can say the name easily. English speakers, for the Slovak readers there are no smilies in English, try these: Kosice. Nope you got it wrong, it's actually said as Kosheetsa. Now try, if your a non Slovak speaker, Vysny Klatov, send your suggestions by MP3 to . There might well be a prize for the best MP3 we get so include your name and address in the e-mail.
The funny thing was I now say Slovak place names as they are said in Slovak, reverting to English/English was quite hard - mind you English was never my strong point :-) . Till next time.

BBC 6Music must not die Mark Thompson you are WRONG

Now you wouldn't expect me to care about 6 Music but as some will know I care about governments interfereing in broadcasting. So as one who had a great service killed due to poloitcal pressures, I say LEAVE 6MUSIC alone Mr Thompson. You can read more here boys and girls:

NME reports
Facebook - Save 6 Music
BBC Have Your Say - they've taken the debate off the front page BUT POST
Sign A Petition
Mark Thompson is overpaid and out of touch, says Greg Dyke

Come on guys, if you really want to win - make it political!
WRITE, yes pen and paper, to your MP and ask he/she if they support the closure. Adding that you are looking for your next MP to stand in favour of 6 Music.They're all desperate for votes and if thousands write they'll need a change of underwear. And where possible find the opposition candidate and write to them with the same letter. On line petitions are great. However, if everyone on the FaceBook page wrote, to both, that would be 64,000 letters. Then post the results as well :-)

Januray 2010 Surprise visit from an MEP

If I've missed anyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So we're off with a BANG! A surprise visit from an MEP to Poprad and he agreed to an interview.
Dr, Charles Tannock MEP (picture here) was quite happy to explain the workings of the EU and confirm the staggering EU control over YOUR LAWS. Makes you wonder why more don't vote in EU elections.
There is a Podcast of the interview available and this can be found on , have a listen it's very interesting.
All the Best

Eric Wiltsher talks about Slovakia

Click on the image to find out about the PodCast with Francis Tapon
Click here to listen to the Podcast

Thank you Mr Airbag inventor - Dateline 06 July 2009

As promised, here are the pictures of the car as they were about to tow it away, 06 July.

If you look carefully you can see on the passenger side (left side as you're looking at the pictures) where the main impact was, that being the Skoda that pulled out in front of me.
The dent more towards the drivers side was when the concrete pole got in the way, mind you I'd have gone through more than one garden had it not been there. :-)

Irrespective of anything else the main thing is that nobody was seriously injured and cars can be repaired, people are less fortunate.
And finally, as they say. Apart from the Skoda being there, the most scary thing is the actual airbags. Due to the gas they use it looks as though the car is on fire - it took a few mins for me to remember the difference, hey I had an excuse. Also can we have double air bags please, ones that go off twice. The second impact, which was probably only 25kph, hurt the most as the airbags blew when the Skoda came across the front of the car. So at that point it was seat belts only. I prefer airbags.

BIG THANKS to the rescue services in Slovakia who were really helpful and the nice people at A&E in Levoca, especially Dr Holly and his team.

July 2009 Update

Hello Boys and Girls,
Am I getting old or is hidden culture coming out :-) I'm looking for to two church pipe organs being played near me and I get to go listen - how cool is that?
Must say TAR to Paul at for asking me to do new music shows for him, been a while since I've done those but hey share what you think. Paul also relays PostCard from Poprad as well :-)
If you have a look to the right I do try to do updates via Twitter as that's so easy and stops me going on for hours, so have a look over there for more updates. And if you have Twitter we could follow each other.
AND I leave you with a health warning :-) I don't know if you have come across all these so called personal development sites using Christian names, well a report has come out claiming they can damage you. Yes the report says they might not be JA JA JA, more like blah, blah, blah, blah. And I'll my bit, when you offer advice via those sites - who gets the money?
Have fun oh and yes - Hello Dano and Kamil


AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally

I think pictures say more than words in this case. So enjoy the videos from the AquaCity Carbon Neutral Rally 2007